bot image

Emoji Downloader online

Prefix: ed! | ID: 750406366094557244

Emoji Downloader is an advanced emoji downloader for your server. Download emojis from the web or from other servers, straight from your server with a simple command.

bot image

Url Shortener online

Prefix: us! | ID: 752648063671074848

URL Shortener, is a bot that allows you to quickly make short urls from a discord server, shorten any url and track the clicks.

bot image

WelcomeBud online

Prefix: b! (Customizable) | ID: 728107219039551538

WelcomeBud is a brand new welcoming bot with an extremely easy set-up, it also includes some fun commands to have fun with your friends!

bot image

Krazy bot online

Prefix: k! | ID: 743834886833438770

Krazy Bot is an Multi-purpose Bot with XP system + level roles, Moderation, Custom Commands, Anime commands , Game & fun stuff

bot image

Noriko online

Prefix: . | ID: 673898627248160779

Noriko :: a fun and handy bot for any type of server!

bot image

B.O.T online

Prefix: $ | customizable | ID: 737977859070754868

B.O.T is a multipurpose discord bot that can do everything from banning and kicking, playing music and utility like polls and giveaways to fun commands like jokes and faking YouTube comments

bot image

Tavern Keeper online

Prefix: > | ID: 722054700308103200

Tavern Keeper combines features of multiple bots into one feature packed Discord bot. Tavern Keeper boats many awesome features such as Image Manipulation, Moderation, Utilities and many more!

bot image

Beep Boop online

Prefix: b!, configurable | ID: 716277274948927519

Beep Boop is a bot with a wide variety of commands from moderation to fun commands, always being updated!

bot image

UwU bot online

Prefix: / | ID: 732598832482877460

A bot with a lot of commands, currency, image, fun. Always online

bot image

Melen online

Prefix: m! | ID: 662062221177913354

Melen is a multifunction bot, with music and more, the bot is still in development (French bot)

bot image

SpartBot online

Prefix: dk/ | ID: 737002593510883358

This bot will help to manage your community. Install it and have the bot ready on your server in minutes NEW DASHBOARD.

bot image

ProWarz online

Prefix: !! (Customizable) | ID: 756880804784635956

🤩ProWarz Is A Very Powerful Multi-Purpose Bot Featuring A Stability, Moderation, Music System, Fun, Giveaway Features and More! 😲ProWarz Has A Priority Of Performance, Design And Quality. So What You Wait? To Start Your Cool Server With ProWarz Bot

bot image

YouWiki Bot online

Prefix: . | ID: 757239430171066409

Sad Bee is a bot who is inspired from Dyno,Mee6,Dank memer ⁷

bot image

WelcomeBud Canary online

Prefix: c! | ID: 749048577661337690

WelcomeBud is the Beta Version of WelcomeBud, a brand new welcoming bot with an extremely easy set-up!

bot image

Kurumi online

Prefix: k! | ID: 725009231123841144

A simple multipurpose bot with commands for fun, utility, moderation, economy, music and more!

bot image

Karma Bot online

Prefix: kb! | ID: 764166365874618368

A karma bot, a bot meant to give a user karma/points everytime they are thanked.

bot image

COVID-19 Tracker online

Prefix: c! | ID: 758055602034311281

Simple and fast Discord bot, that checks Covid-19 statistics around the world.

bot image

Soul My online

Prefix: s! | ID: 759644412304424972

Este é um bot com varias funções como:administração, diversão,auxilio no discord e muito mais....

bot image

SpaceBotV2 online

Prefix: s! | ID: 763786835037519903

Un bot utilitaire qui peux vous aider dans votre serveur

bot image

Lesliee online

Prefix: ~ | ID: 765089812663107635

Lesliee, Aesthetic, Useful, And for you!

bot image

Game Tracker online

Prefix: - | ID: 475421235950518292

A bot that gets in-game stats from your favorite games.

bot image

Among Us online

Prefix: au | ID: 753861243302969384

Simple Among us bot which can help you through many ways

bot image

ModBotic™ online

Prefix: ~ | customizable | ID: 747076873359458370

ModBotic is a multifunctional bot with awesome advanced features like Moderation, Fun & Utility!

bot image

Pika | MC online

Prefix: pika | ID: 764215159740301332

fun multipurpose game bot like dank memer and a great moderation bot!

bot image

Any Bot online

Prefix: > | ID: 733728002910715977

A bot that performs the functions of any typical bot, or even something else...

bot image

Nagatoro online

Prefix: !!, (Customizable) | ID: 709890421752594503

Un bot completamente en español para utilidad y moderación!

bot image

Kaguya online

Prefix: / (Customizable) | ID: 725432896533299200

Hi, my name is Kaguya, I am a new born bot ready to serve you with actions, moderation, and more commands

bot image

Neural online

Prefix: > | ID: 727685745887674439

A multipurpose Discord bot for Discord servers used specifically for moderation and possibly security.

bot image

Venus online

Prefix: v! | ID: 721768206250934273

Venus is a easy to use and powerful Discord bot which contains many features you probably need!

bot image

Anti-Bot Pro online

Prefix: - | ID: 738930447798501388

This bot does Moderation and fun. This bot protects you and your server!

bot image

Scathach online

Prefix: $! | ID: 724047481561809007

Multipurpose servant, DotA 2 utilis, Cryptocurrency, bulk NSFW, weebstuff, VTuber Scraper and a bunch more.

bot image

Stock online

Prefix: $ (Customizable) | ID: 732073928926822512

A fast way to view stock markets and cryptocurrencies through Discord

bot image

Birthday Bot online

Prefix: bday | ID: 656621136808902656

Celebrate birthdays with automatic birthday roles and announcements! Highly customizable and easy to use!

bot image

SORA online

Prefix: = | ID: 765885249950842890

Sora is a multirole bot it has Moderation, Economy, Fun and more! then the prefix is =

bot image

Nick Bot online

Prefix: - | ID: 743737747407372308

A Bot to Manage Nicknames in your Server with ease!

bot image

Denky online

Prefix: denky | ID: 704517722100465746

Automação, Captcha, Diversão, Imagens, Gerenciamento, Moderação, Minigames, Miscelânea, Denúncias, Reaction Role, Lembretes, Roleplay, Sorteios, Sugestões, Edição de Texto, Tickets, Utilidade

bot image

Waifu online

Prefix: w/ | ID: 434556304661544960

Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu? :3 150+ commands with paginated help, useful utilities, image gen and memes.

bot image

Minecraft online

Prefix: mc/ | ID: 346346285953056770

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history.

bot image

Emoji Generator online

Prefix: e/ | ID: 580159619415146506

A fun bot to generate and create emojis using different parts and access to a library of emotes to save and share.

bot image

yolomeyo online

Prefix: ym! | ID: 763545210210222122

This is a bot for moderation, fun, economy, and more! Theres 150+ commands in this bot that you can use!, ym!commands for commands, ym!2commands, and ym!help for help

bot image

Filo online

Prefix: f! | ID: 568083171455795200

Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot. Customizable, multiple languages, report, logging, welcome and farewells, member counter, anti-invites, auto-mod, anti-evasion. +190 commands.

bot image

Marina Bot online

Prefix: m! | ID: 524022342624608257

Holi, soy Marina, un bot multiusos que te puede ayudar a moderar tu servidor, a charlar con tus amigos y crear comandos personalizados.

bot image

2020 Election online

Prefix: e! | ID: 774492072526348288

Discord Bot about the 2020 US Election, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

bot image

Téo online

Prefix: - | ID: 735457450735697951

Bot de musique, utilitaire, sondage, hyper modération......

bot image

Kigles online

Prefix: ! | ID: 634554431647514635

Your best friend when it comes down to multipurpose!

bot image

Kalion Ultimate online

Prefix: k- | ID: 724749468418703432

Un bot de cualquier cosa! Moderacion, economia, juegos, utilidad, logs, musica y mas!

bot image

Jeb the badS Kerbal online

Prefix: # | ID: 719762237245620234

He's smiling like he always does.

bot image

Téo online

Prefix: ^ | ID: 733507726604370000

E um bot focado em diversão

bot image

Hunter Bot online

Prefix: h! Or custom | ID: 755094850113896639

This bot has almost all you're looking for! Moderation system, Music system, Economy system & more!

bot image

Kirby! online

Prefix: k& | ID: 770308348766584883

El primer bot concentrado en starboard en español!

bot image

PokeBot online

Prefix: pk!help | ID: 768098555826012241

un bot multiuso con una pequeña tematica de pokemon, usos [Diversion, interaccion, administracion, utilidad]

bot image

EpicBot 🏅 online

Prefix: e! | ID: 751100444188737617

A very cool bot with several categories of several commands such as Moderation, Fun, Utility, Economy, Image, Info, Games, and more...

bot image

Brainstormer online

Prefix: > | ID: 730900942253195304

@Brainstormer#6277 is bot that you need today and will help you down the line with its amazing anti-swearing features WOW!!!

bot image

XPizzaMCX-BOT online

Prefix: $ | ID: 705539121099309076

XPizzaMCX-BOT is a fun, utility, moderation, logging discord bot ready to handle your server!

bot image

🚨 RexBot ⇝ online

Prefix: rb, | ID: 716251377470537828

Un Bot En Español MultiFuncional Ideal Para Empezar A Poner Bots En Un Servidor Desde Zero , Disfruta Del Bot!

bot image

Wummyツ online

Prefix: w! or custom | ID: 701185178214596652

Wummy is a verified Discord bot with very useful fun, utility and moderation commands.

bot image

Chloe™ online

Prefix: c!(can be changed in the administration panel) (pode ser alterado no painel adm)) | ID: 781585566571429929

Howdy, my name is Chloe 💁! Yet another Discord Bot — Fun 😂, moderation 👮, utils 📅, multilanguage 🌎 and so much more 😊!

bot image

CRYSTAL online

Prefix: ~ | ID: 775182755482173460

A Multipurpose bot that has Moderation, Utility, and a Global XP system. One command is weather.

bot image

Mellone online

Prefix: m. | ID: 734819851889016902

Mellone is a simple bot for Administration, Moderation, Fun, Music, Economy, Entertainment, among other utilities!

bot image

SlayBot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 743545254208208939

SlayBot is a powerful multifunctional Discord bot.

bot image

Keet online

Prefix: & | ID: 782327122291195904

O bot que conecta sua comunidade discord.

bot image

Alphfi online

Prefix: a.. | ID: 742439889622007910

This bot is my main project discord bot and its just meme bot at the same time, but I have made a decent amount of commands from moderation.

bot image

Tropico online

Prefix: t. | ID: 757550882039791636

A simple and easy to use bot with fun commands for you to use. Including moderation, images and economy. More commands will be added soon

bot image

OcelotBOT online

Prefix: ! | ID: 146293573422284800

Dank memes, Games, Trivia and image filters, music, meme generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

bot image

Dart online

Prefix: . | ID: 708972484141121587

An Advanced bot, Including a fully working Invite Counter, Auto Reaction Role, Moderation, Games, Fun And Music!

bot image

Hinami online

Prefix: hi! | ID: 777397645009354764

Hinami, a very simple bot to entertain your discord experience.

bot image

saroki online

Prefix: s. [can be edited] | ID: 786625849830670336

saroki is a Discord Bot used for Moderation, Logging, Fun and Utility purposes.

bot image

Pokémon online

Prefix: p! | ID: 669228505128501258

Pokémon is a bot where every so often a Pokémon spawns, trade, shop, evolves, move, duel and much more. Who's that Pokémon? catch'em all.

bot image

Wavy online

Prefix: xyz | ID: 751078945855635626

Multipurpose bot with music, moderation, economy,fun and much more... Invite now!

bot image

Lynx online

Prefix: l! | ID: 769587786427662410

Lynx bot want to help you a lot to manage your Server in 24/7

bot image

ReddyBot online

Prefix: ? ( Customizable ) | ID: 736509863865090109

This bot is made for you because i think its a cool bot

bot image

Green-bot online

Prefix: * | ID: 783708073390112830

Un bot multis fonction avec +12 catégories de commandes

bot image

𝙆𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙘𝙝𝙞 online

Prefix: k. | ID: 749563163191541801

multipurpose bot that allows to customize tickets! - has economy , fun & moderation commands 24/7 uptime , constant updates & with layouts!

bot image

Ducky online

Prefix: * | ID: 789838887526203402

A brand new bot for your server! It includes Music, moderation and information commands!

bot image

Astro online

Prefix: a! | ID: 791931070840963092

Astro is a Discord Bot that help you everything! Thank you!

bot image

Andromeda online

Prefix: ? | ID: 772934917045616661

A fun/moderation bot with tons of commands and we add new commands every day! We strive for a bug free bot and we value our users.

bot image

Emma ) online

Prefix: - | ID: 787167752652587049

Emma combines features of multiple bots into one feature packed Discord bot. Emma Has many awesome features such as Image Manipulation, Moderation, Utilities and many more!

bot image

CactusFire online

Prefix: c/ | ID: 543567770579894272

CactusFire, bot en español con múltiples comandos para la diversión de los usuarios.

bot image

Notebook online

Prefix: pc! (custom) | ID: 744409742939652096

Um bot super inovador com vários comandos de utilidades e mais!

bot image

Axmy online

Prefix: ; | ID: 740603220279164939

Axmy has Emotes, Actions, Moderation, Fun, Memes and a ton more!

bot image

Reactify online

Prefix: r/ | ID: 785358819021815828

A reaction role and role management bot to automate giving roles to users with easy to use features.

bot image

Movie Bot online

Prefix: / | ID: 776833362878529536

Finding you favourite movie from the comfort of you discord server

bot image

Task Manager online

Prefix: - | ID: 602460094940184587

With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play. You can give specific users or groups of users tasks.

bot image

Slingex online

Prefix: . (customizable) | ID: 764153912190042133

A bot to moderate and keep your server clean. Lock channels, publish messages, and more!

bot image

PotatoBot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 765811652783505418

Our bot is meant for multipurpose automation if you want fast and easy commands Our bot is perfect for you! :D

bot image

Hydra online

Prefix: ? | ID: 793512860306243584

It's a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot. it has a Lot of Features like 🧨 Moderation, 😂 Fun, 🎉 Giveaways, 🍧 Image, 💵 Economy, 🎀 Info Commands., Invite Tracker, Messages Tracker, Chat Bot, Music

bot image

Ticket bot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 788891683798253599

do you want a ticket bot that as multiple commands well this is the right bot for you

bot image

Monika🔥 online

Prefix: * or @Monika or custom | ID: 475882901511340034

Yo, thats rly cool bot for everything, you should try it

bot image

Cyber online

Prefix: - | ID: 764185988972675092

A Multipurpose Discord Bot, With Commands To Help Make Your Server Come Together!

bot image

Infinium online

Prefix: // | ID: 795594104200626176

A multipurpose admin bot which will make your server a safe place from those _stinky_ rule breakers.

bot image

Azelius Bot online

Prefix: az! | ID: 780032139936006144

Azelius is a multipurpose Discord Bot with alot of features and more!

bot image

Music Seal online

Prefix: plz | ID: 790530625954250773

Music Seal is a Music/Moderation bot that you should add to your server!

bot image

Honii online

Prefix: . | ID: 778280886143287308

Honii is a multipurpose bot created to keep your server alive.

bot image

Perihelion online

Prefix: p! (p!prefix <> to set custom) | ID: 774990883456155660

Advanced Music Bot with Dank Memer Bot utils, slapped on with detailed moderation tools and singapore transport utilities.

bot image

JoyBot online

Prefix: . | ID: 504030703264989194

JoyBot is a discord bot with features like Disboard bump tracking, getting a random face of a member, hugs and kisses commands, and counting!

bot image

Xia online

Prefix: b! | ID: 795073949951197214

Xia is a backup bot built by Shash #7399 to help backup discord servers in case of raids or other unforeseen circumstances.

bot image

drimbot online

Prefix: e | ID: 715981933619970158

Perfect bot for roblox communities, get information about users, games, groups without leaving the comfort of discord!

bot image

KannaKamui online

Prefix: - | ID: 757066313406611477

A fun multipurpose bot with a lot of different commands.

bot image

Aoi online

Prefix: / | ID: 781151160677564426

A simple, elegant and fast, music, moderation and fun discord bot.

bot image

Fluro online

Prefix: p! | ID: 726436292346380378

Fluro, a fast, stable, multipurpose bot for Discord. Moderation logging, image generation and editing commands, and much much more!

bot image

Troy online

Prefix: .... | ID: 663074487335649292

A new discord bot made especially for fun, music, and moderation

bot image

ZenCube online

Prefix: z? Or Z? | ID: 794602240123994144

Zencube! Zencube is a discord moderate bot! We have over 19+ commands! We have started our bot on December 30 2020. Thanks,CloudBud

bot image

Avery online

Prefix: + | ID: 799858989931954197

Avery can do anything for your server to be better...

bot image

Alan da Frog online

Prefix: . | ID: 712885407993561169

A bot with unending possibilities. Everything from advanced facial analysis to searching YouTube

bot image

Lupey online

Prefix: l! | ID: 763396097615593492

O Lupey é um bot brasileiro com múltiplas funcionalidades como sistemas de música, moderação, utilidade, configuração, level e diversão.

bot image

Miu online

Prefix: m. | ID: 797794333759766528

Many Features | Leveling System | Music | Fun | Utility | Moderation | Anime | Economy | Online 24/7 | And More.

bot image

Zenit Bot ✨ online

Prefix: $ | ID: 716080141821935726

Zenit Bot is a bot that collects everything you need from entertainment commands or administration commands

bot image

Computador online

Prefix: ! (custom) | ID: 458686543545237505

Olá, me chamo Computador, sou bot simples de moderação, diversão, economia e utilidades!

bot image

Mikio online

Prefix: m! | ID: 771274862982594580

Mikio | She is known as Asuna's twin sister, she has alot of cool commands, starboard, economy, level up and more!

bot image

Cliffford online

Prefix: $ (changeable) | ID: 693269273497305158

Music, Games, Moderation, Custom Commands, Polls, Memes - everything you need!

bot image

GiveawayMate online

Prefix: g! | ID: 801603961118916649

GiveawayMate, The best giveaway bot ever!

bot image

Re-Decoder online

Prefix: re! | ID: 801377420112035840

A multi-purpose bot which can endcode and decode like morse,base64 into text and make text into codes

bot image

Anata online

Prefix: a! | ID: 797131364817174530

Anata is a multi purpose bot that has moderation economy and anime commands.

bot image

DisBot online

Prefix: ^ | ID: 787715176547352586

DisBot is a great bot with moderation commands, fun commands and some API's. It's hosted sometimes 24/7, it depends if the hosting doesn't go down.

bot image

Spark online

Prefix: , | ID: 727039427775299605

A Free Multipurpose bot with features like Giveaways, Invites Management, Moderation, Economy, Fun and many more

bot image

RoboStux online

Prefix: rs! (configurable) | ID: 713142514986778715

RoboStux - The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Moderation, Reaction Roles and so much more.

bot image

pherng online

Prefix: / | ID: 791595097594134538

moderation, currency,legend,games, legendary,DM server members, config, legendary, music , chat with AI, memes ,playing,lol,games many more!

bot image

Shiba online

Prefix: s! | ID: 709815323653570641

Shiba is a multi purpose Discord Bot with a lot of commands and features!

bot image

Custom Command online

Prefix: !! | ID: 725721249652670555

Custom Command is a multi-purpose Bot You can create custom Command, set trigger like on reaction and set action like add a role

bot image

Asahi online

Prefix: s! | ID: 714201565560438981

Bot possédant des commandes de Modération, Utiles et Fun

bot image

GeekerBot online

Prefix: g! | ID: 772748636554788895

A multi purpose discord bot that allows you to protect your discord server efficiently

bot image

Shiina online

Prefix: s? | ID: 802467105345110097

Bahasa Indonesia | Banyak Fitur | Utility | Fun | Economy | Leveling | Moderation | Music | Anime

bot image


Prefix: ! | ID: 653069322687741952

A simple bot! That can menage your server with ease!

bot image

ViMod online

Prefix: - | ID: 774708996430888990

A Simple Moderation Bot For, Fun, Games, Utility, Rank, Economy, Etc... Feel Free To Use This Bot!

bot image

Kakashi™ online

Prefix: > custo prefix | ID: 799756580987600927

Hello my name is kakashi and they are a bot focused on Setaveis

bot image

SkyLimits online

Prefix: ! | ID: 801866611786645504

SkyLimits a cool discord bot with many catagorys! And over 102 commands

bot image

Xyla online

Prefix: x^ | ID: 780098901976809502

Xyla is a emotional support bot to help manage personal problems by providing helpful advice.

bot image

New Step online

Prefix: 9 (Castomisable ) | ID: 800008189679763466

jusy start typing with. no tome for making server partner 😏

bot image

Floof online

Prefix: f! | ID: 780116896775274538

Floof is a furry bot that has a vast range of commands powered by fast TypeScript

bot image

TomatenKuchen online

Prefix: ! | ID: 685166801394335819

Ein deutscher Bot mit über 80 Befehlen und noch vielen weiteren Funktionen für deinen Discord!

bot image

RaidBlock online

Prefix: ! | ID: 804766282934779944

RaidBlock est un bot de sécurité pour bien protéger son serveur des malfaiteurs ainsi vous pouvez gérer les commandes depuis le site internet du bot qui contient le dashboard.

bot image

Xerox online

Prefix: x! | ID: 599408580042424321

Xerox is Stable • Giveaway System, Track People Invites, Music System, Economy System,Fun Commands,Moderation Tools,Leveling System, Ticket System & more..

bot image

GameTracker online

Prefix: > | ID: 787358079498453052

Gametracker bot for your discord server. Server info, ranks, maps, current map.

bot image

Hideko online

Prefix: h! | ID: 725615648721338458

Hideko is a multi-purpose discord bot that allows you to quickly reduce the number of bots needed on your server.

bot image

Cenox online

Prefix: > | ID: 806663992654299156

Cenox - A cool moderation + fun + economy + giveaway bot!

bot image

Sxnderr Mod online

Prefix: s! | ID: 797104412392423456

Mod + other command created by Sxnderr#0999 dm me if you need help !

bot image

PSlimy online

Prefix: > (customizable) | ID: 718226986677567560

PSlimy is a discord bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility, meme, fun, economy and more commands!

bot image

Nebula online

Prefix: . | ID: 794563790506164244

A multi purpose bot with Auto mod, utilities, logging, and high quality music integrations with YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud integration

bot image

Celesta online

Prefix: | and @mention | ID: 793125455447588884

Celesta easy-to-use multifunctional Discord bot! Stats, Music, Poll, Search, Facts, Quotes, Memes, Fun, AI, Moderation, and much more...

bot image

Brawl Stars Blacklist online

Prefix: = | ID: 718563303160283197

Brawl Stars Blacklist – Stay your Club safe with our Management Tool. Create your Club Blacklist & let you remember if blacklisted Player joins your club and much more...

bot image

Giveaway Bot online

Prefix: g! | ID: 809787945375760404

Giveaway Bot Is an epic giveaway bot that will help you with your giveaways!

bot image

Unlimited Bot online

Prefix: un! | ID: 704133221230706748

Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

bot image

RookieBOT online

Prefix: d! | ID: 786583500291440691

RookieBOT - Gelişmiş / Moderasyon | Discord BOT

bot image

GiveawayBot online

Prefix: g! | ID: 648587571407880225

A simple bot that manages your Giveaways! quickly and easily on your Discord server! GiveawayBot

bot image

Blizzard online

Prefix: w! | ID: 742842786302132335

Bot multifuncional con el proposito de ayudar en tu servidor.

bot image

Looking For Gamers online

Prefix: ! | ID: 810249851454881882

Simple Automated "Looking for Gamers" Bot to keep LFG Channel Clean

bot image

OP Bot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 805780792495177728

A Multipurpose Discord Bot For Music With 15+ Effects, Moderation, Giveaways, Fun, Welcome-Goodbye Messages And Economy!

bot image

DuckHunt online

Prefix: dh! | ID: 187636089073172481

Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

bot image

Feather online

Prefix: ~ | ID: 784464050162499584

RavynBot is a small multi-purpose bot with many features, including music, moderation, logging, tickets, and a number of fun commands!

bot image

Leveling Bot online

Prefix: . | ID: 810896625026859038

Leveling Bot Is an epic leveling bot that will help make your server more active!

bot image

Alita online

Prefix: # | ID: 805788464888021002

Alita is built for Multi Purposes, cute and unique discord bot to make chat never bored.

bot image

FunnyBot online

Prefix: & | ID: 663437246678171689

The best funny french bot

bot image

Tempy online

Prefix: - (Customizable) | ID: 783772765962240022

Start the conversation with a Tempy! - Tempy is a Bot which can create Temp Channels within seconds.

bot image

ToD online

Prefix: t; | tod | ID: 752306970467237970

ToD is a bot that generates random truth or dares to allow consumers to have a fun time with family and friends!

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KingFire online

Prefix: k. | ID: 774779262208835586

KingFire es un bot multifunción con muchos comandos útiles para tu server

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Kowalski online

Prefix: k! | ID: 810550890426531850

From Ticket Systems to EPIC fun commands, Kowalski's got it all covered. With 24/7 Uptime, Kowalski will never let you down!

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Zori online

Prefix: zori | ID: 811283944175304705

Meet Zori, a multi-purpose tag bot that can do many things ranging from moderation to sending some dank memes.

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Kable online

Prefix: tt: | ID: 699844962057060393

TikTok utilities for Discord. Get post notifications, view profiles, watch videos, and more.

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Tofu Chan (◕ᴗ◕✿) online

Prefix: ? | ID: 680597039268364297

A multi-purpose bot with commands for gaming, fun, and actions and other stuff, all based on your favorite internet Shiba, Tofu Chan!

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GiveawayDrops online

Prefix: + | ID: 813168526343929917

GiveawayDrops is an awesome giveaway bot! Click on it for more info!

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Better Moderator Bot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 787740802917990430

Hello! I'm Better Moderator Bot, your Discord Bot which will moderate your server! To get started, use the command !help

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C.UwU.C online

Prefix: c. | ID: 781683455024824340

A cute and friendly bot with many fun, giveaway, moderation commands and many more!

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Amako online

Prefix: am (customizable) | ID: 811880261939757097

Amako aims to provide most commands that popular bots has

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COVID-19 Bot online

Prefix: c! | ID: 675390513020403731

The most jam-packed bot for the COVID-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic! Get automated updates, fancy graphs, and more!

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someone online

Prefix: so | ID: 800865331072729109

Discord's April Fools @someone... but more powerful!

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InviteManagement online

Prefix: ; | ID: 768534891154374768

The InviteManagement bot allows you to see who invited people that have joined your server. Meeting all of your mod and moderation needs!

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Digibot online

Prefix: d! (customizable) | ID: 781296717244399617

A do it all bot, with moderation, logging, and random commands.

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Oogie Boogie Bot online

Prefix: e | ID: 789960873203990598

Oogie Boogie Bot can monitor activity, manage your server with also fun commands.

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Exile online

Prefix: ex! | ID: 804398559046795264

Exile bot is a multi-purpose bot for all your needs it comes with the commands + utility's to get your se

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A.T. Gaming online

Prefix: a! | ID: 799944017743183872

My Bot is a moderator, fun, meme, music, giveaway and a NSFW bot.

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Apple Music online

Prefix: ! | ID: 813023542479159326

Apple Music • # 1 Music Bot • Advanced Discord Music Bot • Dashboard system soon

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DoubleD Bot online

Prefix: dd | ID: 739414805441413120

A Selfmade Currency, Memes, Games, Moderation, Logging & Fun bot from me for everyone.

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Server Status online

Prefix: slash commands or s. | ID: 813142601565601793

The Server Status Bot keeps you up to date on Discord's server status. It enables numerous commands and also uses Discord's brand new slash commands.

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DAIO Bot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 811702532656595014

Discord-All-In-One (DAIO) has features relating to Moderation, Memes, Animals, Crypto, NSFW and of course Fun! New commands added EVERY WEEK! **Prefix is changeable!**

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GateKeeper online

Prefix: ~ | ID: 812898197705064481

GateKeeper, The best NSFW Verification Bot known to man!

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Softwaresat Bot online

Prefix: s | ID: 760654790522568735

Sofwaresat Bot, a bot with moderation, utility, and what you all want, fun!

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DeezGunz online

Prefix: $ | ID: 776522832648863775

This cool bot has a lot of cool features for moderation, fun, and more!

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Tsukimiya Ayu online

Prefix: ayu | ID: 788610042193772625

Tsukimiya Ayu Bot is an Anime Bot that has a myriad of features in it. Vote and Invite this bot to your server!

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Pandemic Mini-Game online

Prefix: . | ID: 813551243686707219

Discord Pandemic is a discord Minigame bot that allows you to infect other people with a simulated virus. Grow and mutate your customized virus and infect the whole of Discord!

bot image

Norbit online

Prefix: N# | ID: 816393261216301079

Norbit is an amazing Discord bot for moderators and normal members and it will never keep you in boredom.

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Astronomy online

Prefix: a! | ID: 675167375858991115

I'm here to help you learn about your self!

bot image

pp God online

Prefix: pp! | ID: 709585762319990814

A bot i made for fun that can do a bunch of things

bot image

BorderBot online

Prefix: b! | ID: 559008680268267528

A bot to add colorful borders to your profile and more avatar related commands!

bot image

ᑕryo ℬot online

Prefix: ! [Customizable] | ID: 780780179588513843

A Multifunctional and powerful bot with helpful commands (Utility, Music, Moderation, Fun and more...)

bot image

Thunderstruck online

Prefix: ts | ID: 815584152124129301

Thunderstruck is a multi-purpose discord bot with many cool features.

bot image

MomBOT™ online

Prefix: ! (Customisable) | ID: 714429969845059585

MomBOT™ est un BOT en javascript qui est utilisé pour la modération, la sécurisations et la protection de donnée.

bot image

Cryocord online

Prefix: . | ID: 819671323202158622


bot image

Quacky online

Prefix: - or @Quacky | ID: 478370481926438932

Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server. Commands range from fun to moderation.

bot image

Destiny online

Prefix: ? | ID: 777145336535580693

A great multi purpose discord bot that fits all of your needs!

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! CrisS G. online

Prefix: c! | ID: 777721222368198666

Cris G. It is a bot with many functions and more than 150 commands

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Mandy online

Prefix: = | ID: 595445930677895188

✨ Olá, eu sou a Mandy! Uma bot do discord com diversas funções e comandos para você usar em seu servidor!

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Contribute online

Prefix: $ | ID: 821036808774615070

All in One Utility, Moderation, Fun, Meme Bot!

bot image

Space - Bot online

Prefix: s! | ID: 820220212372701185

Je vous présente Space - Bot, un bot complet développer pour le contrôle de votre communau

bot image

Nelio online

Prefix: ++ | ID: 755831001116049498

Multifunktions Bot. Jetzt auch 24/7 Online! Uptime: 97%

bot image

CredMenuᶜᶻ online

Prefix: c; | ID: 812564945580982272

Its a Completely different system, a mixed economy which supports person to person selling, its something more than just a bot.

bot image

Re-Dcrypt online

Prefix: &? | ID: 775629409494630410

Its a simple bot that will help decode common ciphers.

bot image

AutoPublisher online

Prefix: ap! (Changeble) | ID: 820337088527859752

Have your messages published in your channels automatically! Super easy to use and set up! Convince yourself and invite him now!

bot image

TrenBot online

Prefix: t! (Customizable) | ID: 742145306107445298


bot image

Chattabot online

Prefix: ? (Customizable) | ID: 772746588434595860

Hi! I’m Chattabot. With me, you will have a helping hand with | moderation Animals | levelling | economy | and more for your server.

bot image

Loom online

Prefix: ~ | ID: 814436537814351932

Loom is an Aesthetic/Multi-purpose discord bot made on discord.js-commando and discord.js.

bot image

Vibe online

Prefix: + (or custom) | ID: 736260472663179375

Multi-purpose bot with music, easy economy and much more!

bot image

Lunary online

Prefix: r!, Luna | ID: 804897050856390717

Complete bot with Starboard, Suggestions, Moderation and much more to explore~ ♡

bot image

Invites Logger online

Prefix: ! | ID: 704173576667922582

Invites Logger Is Discord Server Invites Tracking Bot

bot image

Wiki-Bot online

Prefix: !wiki | ID: 461189216198590464

Wiki-Bot is a bot with the purpose to easily search for and link to wiki pages. Wiki-Bot shows short descriptions and additional info about the pages.

bot image

McQueen online

Prefix: b! or custom | ID: 790774466170323056

A multipurpose bot that is still under development.

bot image

Radar online

Prefix: r? | ID: 787438051479388170

Radar is best multifunctional discord bot with many useful features!

bot image

Covid Statistics online

Prefix: c? | ID: 802471461381865492

Covid Statistics Bot Provides you Information about COVID-19 & helps you in tracking the COVID-19 Cases of the World & the Country which you mention.

bot image

Glowe online

Prefix: - | ID: 804681231781330944

Bu bot neredeyse herşeyi yapabiliyor (bot fazlalığından kurtulun)

bot image

Hedy Bot online

Prefix: ? (can be changed) | ID: 787376820105379872

A multi-purpose discord bot. Hedy has 100+ commands and some modules. It will make your server better ! Hedy need Administrator permission to run some special command !

bot image

IPL BOT (!help) online

Prefix: !help | ID: 823133522029314058

IPL Bot to get Live score,Team squad, points table and Commentary

bot image

Good Cop online

Prefix: f! (customizable) | ID: 823908708605624380

Good Cop, an advanced moderation bot that is great for moderating large discord servers.

bot image

Nubes Bot online

Prefix: n! | ID: 805463967307792484

Un bot en español en desarrollo , con 7 comandos,es ideal para tu server

bot image

JDBot online

Prefix: te* | ID: 347265035971854337

This bot is designed to be all in one bot which can help people, etc and can also in fact handle commands

bot image

🥚 Easter Dealer online

Prefix: !ld | ID: 822114443105796127

Never miss a day without Local Dealer! I can post memes, facts, jokes, images, gifs, roleplay gifs and much, much more! Interested? Invite me today!

bot image

NGC0000 online

Prefix: - | ID: 810377376269205546

NGC0000 is an awesome feature rich bot named after the Milky Way. She features over 100 commands, all with extensive and easy to understand help.

bot image

Noelly™ online

Prefix: n. | ID: 817207028169965589

High Quality Music for Discord. Offering grace, controls like Volume...

bot image

New FunnyBot online

Prefix: & | ID: 787648998403080222

Funny| Among Us|Count channel | Modlogs | Welcomer | Moderation | Utils | Warn System | Images manipulation|

bot image

MineBot online

Prefix: ! | ID: 827202005063303218

Yenilikçi ve yenilenmiş türkçe bot MineBot | !sunucu-kur Paneli aktif! | Eğlence, Moderasyon, Koruma bir çok şey bu bott

bot image

DarkBot online

Prefix: d! | ID: 807960512674922497

DarkBot muy util para divertirte, moderar y muchas cosas mas!

bot image

Lucho online

Prefix: l! | ID: 791975856687808514

Lucho fully customizable Discord bot that is constantly growing. She comes packaged with a variety of commands and a multitude of settings.

bot image

✲Tim✲ online

Prefix: !! | ID: 799111681095499826

An Multi-task bot meant to put all servers needs into one

bot image

Taraki online

Prefix: t!,taraki,trk | ID: 786142288400744488

Global bir klan kurun ve arkadaslarınız ile savaşın, Kumar oynayarak paranızı 2'ye katlayın duellolar ile para kazanın.

bot image

RamboBOT online

Prefix: . (custum) | ID: 824775329343209502

Comandos de música, economia, giveaways, diversão e moderação. Dá para escolher prefixo Atualizações diárias.

bot image

Builderman online

Prefix: - | ID: 829603142173196308

Builderman is a suggestion and bug reporting utility that also serves as a way to publish new Game Updates.

bot image

Reconlx online

Prefix: r! | ID: 830185673641295902

Hey I did not see you, I introduce myself I am Ranconlx a 24/7 multifunction bot that has included, information, administration, fun, utility, music and much more

bot image

Xeno online

Prefix: x! | ID: 818134322384732160

A Discord bot with Moderation, Economy, Fun, Misc, Music and Productivity commands (over 70 commands).

bot image

InviteTracker classic online

Prefix: ! | ID: 830438868956348447

InviteTracker allows you to manage the members of your server by looking at their invites.