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Pandemic Mini-Game

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Discord Pandemic is a discord Minigame bot that allows you to infect other people with a simulated virus. Grow and mutate your customized virus and infect the whole of Discord!

Discord Pandemic

Discord Pandemic is a new, fun and highly sophisticated bot which allows you to grow and mutate a simulated online covid19 like virus to spread around discord! (Completely harmless)

  • 🧭 Increase the amount of time someone is infected for!
  • ⚔️ Battle with other people for the highest place on the leaderboard!
  • 📊 Real-time and userdriven stats
  • 🎒 Custom upgrades for your virus
  • 🔮 And much more coming soon!

Whether you want to play casually, or play hardcore this bot has everything you need.

What is Discord Pandemic?

Discord Pandemic is a Discord Minigame bot with a backstory.

Patient zero went to the market and ate a snail from India, little did he know it lived in the dirtiest crevice known to man. The poor snail was infected with the new strain of DV1 (Discord Virus Version 1). When patient zero ate the snail, he noticed a strange taste in his mouth. He went to tell his friends on discord. Little did he know, he would start the spread of the DV1 virus.

Now, many people are infected with the virus, and every message they send in any server that the bot is in could infect another user. For every person that they infect, they can also infect another person! Every person that infects someone gets XP points which they can spend to upgrade their virus and make sure that it doesn't become irrelevant. Discord


.help - Lists the commands for the bot .leaderboard - This shows the global leaderboard. .daygraph - Shows the total daily infections .alltimegraph - Shows the total amount of infections .xp - Shows the amount of XP and infections you have.

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