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Apple Music

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Library: discord.js
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Created By: SadmaNN#0791 user image

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Apple Music • # 1 Music Bot • Advanced Discord Music Bot • Dashboard system soon

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Advanced Apple Music

Meet Apple Music No, it isn't the app Apple Music, its the music discord bot, Apple Music!

What does it do? Well, It does...

plays music, changes volume, search a video on YouTube and Spotify!, repeat a song, pauses a song, resumes the song, ... and more!,

Hope you enjoy the bot as much as I do! If you have any questions or you need help join our support server, we are happily able to help you.

Command List 🦾
Command Explanation
play Adds the song to the queue and plays it if the queue is empty.
pause Pause the current playing song.
resume Resume playing the current song.
skip Skips to the next song in the queue.
volume Changes the volume of the current playing song.
queue Display the current queue.
invite Bot sends the invitation link.
lyrics Displays lyrics for the playing track.
np Display the current playing track.
stop Sunucunuz için bot prefix değiştirin.
info Shows bot information.
leave Leaves current voice channel.
join Joins the user voice channel.
shuffle Randomizes the tracks in the queue.
support Sends the link to the support server.

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