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Watt Music

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Library: discord.js
Tags: music

Prefix: w! | Customisable

A very Simple YouTube Music Bot with All Music Controls

w!Play [song name] or [youtube link] - Plays the requested Song from YouTube
w!Playlist [playlist link] - Plays a YouTube Playlist
w!Skip - Skips Currently Playing Song to the Next in Queue
w!Pause - Pauses currently playing song
w!Resume - Resumes the Paused Song
w!Stop - Stops any song played
w!Leave - Bot disconnects the voice channel
w!Loop - Loops currently playing song
w!Reset - Resets current looped song
w!LoopAll - Loops all songs in Queue
w!ResetAll - Resets all looped songs
w!Queue - Displays Song Queue(will not work if only 1 song is playing and no song in queue)
w!NowPlaying - Displays the name of the song currently playing
w!Volume [1-100] - Sets the volume of the Song

Type w!Help to see available commands.

The Bot is in active Development and will receive updates that may includes: New Features, Better UI, Sound Filters

Note 1: Donot use [ ] when using Play, Playlist or Volume Command
Note 2: The Bot disconnects ifself from Voice Channel once the Music Ends and there are no music in Queue.
Ganeral Note: If there is no music playing, the bot wont respond to commands like Stop or Skip, etc.

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