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A brand new bot for your server! It includes Music, moderation and information commands!

                    Ducky Bot                        

Ducky Bot,Many commands for your server With many commands for your server bot is a bot that contains many commands for your server It is a bot that contains many commands for your server. Bo There are fewer commands than the bot is newly built!

New commands will be added as soon as possible. For now, some commands are as follows

Help Command: *help

1- Moderation Commands *ban : Your Bot Bans Someone on Your Server

*unban : unblock the person you banned from the server.

*kick : Kicks someone from the server.

2-Search Commands

*youtube: Searches for the video you just wrote.

3-Music Commands

*play : Plays the copy you wrote.

*volume: Raises or lowers the Volume of the Song.

*loop: Bot Repeats the song.

*queue: Bot sends music queue

*skip: The bot skips the playing song

*stop: Bot Deletes the music queue

4- Information:

*user-info : It discards information about the person you tag.

*server-info: Discards information about the server.

*avatar: Assigns the avatar of the person you tag

5- Bot Information

*ping: Bot sends ping

*bot-info: Gives information about the bot

*invite: The link required to add the bot to the Server.

More commands coming soon...

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