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Akame Music

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Library: discord.js
Tags: funmusic
Created By: enasni#0001 user image

Prefix: +

A high quality and stable music bot for your Discord server.

Akame Music

Music Commands:

Command Name  Usage Catergory
help +help = Shows the full list of Akame Music's commands. help
ping +ping = Show the bots average ping. ping
invite +invite = To add / invite the bot to your server. invite
play +play = Plays a audio. music
skip +skip = Skip the currently playing song. music
skipto +skipto = Skip to the selected queue number. music
stop +stop = Stops the music. music
volume +volume = Change the volume of currently playing song. music
join +join = Joins a voice channel. music
loop +loop = Enables loop. music
lyrics +lyrics = Get lyrics for the currently playing song. music
move +move = Move songs around in the queue. music
np +np = Shows you the currently playing song. music
pause +pause = Pause the currently playing song. music
playlist +playlist = Plays a playlist. music
queue +queue = Shows the music queue. music
remove +remove = Remove a song from the queue. music
resume +resume = Resume the currently playing song. music
search +search = Search and select videos to play. music
shuffle +shuffle = Shuffle queue. music
disconnect +disconnect = Bot leaves the voice channel. music


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