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Hedy Bot

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Library: discord.js
Created By: ! LamUSA#1234 user image

Prefix: ? (can be changed)

A multi-purpose discord bot. Hedy has 100+ commands and some modules. It will make your server better ! Hedy need Administrator permission to run some special command !

Info: Shows info of bot , server and members on a server

Moderation: Some commands use to moderation your server with commands of a bot

Utilities: Good Commands to make you know about more of a member

Custom Commands: Make some commands that it only have on your server ! You can make it response with custom message !

Giveaways: Make your server more giveaways !

Economy: You can work and get more coins !

Fun: You can happy when using the commands on this category

MemberChangeSystem: It will notice and do something when someone join/leave !

Config: Set/Change the config or a server

Rank: Make Rank that the role will added to Claim Rank . People can only use ?join/leave to join or leave a rank

Suggestion-System: Enable/Disable Suggesion Module. ?suggest for suggest something , make your server better

VerifySystem: Enable/Disable Verify Modules. ?verify for verify on a server

Voice: Change something at voice channels

Warns: Strike/Warn a member

ReportSystem: Enable/Disable Report Modules. Shows a info of a report, accept, decline a report and report a member

AutoMod: Enable/Disable Auto Mod Module for the server

ServerOwner: Commands for Server Owner

Ticket-System: Enable/Disable Ticket System

Leveling: Level System for your server. This module CANNOT disable

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