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Prefix: c!(can be changed in the administration panel) (pode ser alterado no painel adm))

Howdy, my name is Chloe 💁! Yet another Discord Bot — Fun 😂, moderation 👮, utils 📅, multilanguage 🌎 and so much more 😊!

Howdy, my name is Chloe (or, as how my close friends call me, "Chlo") and I'm yet another Discord bot with unique features that you never seen before!

I have a lot of entertainment features (like funny commands and memes), social features (profiles with XP and reputation), extremely customizable (you can enable/disable any command, change my prefix and much more!) with a simple focus: Be the best general purpose bot for Discord!

One of the reasons that made me be what I'm today was the lack of brazilian Discord bots, because a lot of servers were using bots "of low quality" in portuguese or bots that talk (actually write) in english... and let's be honest, none of those options seems nice for the users... and that's why I promise to change that! (even though I also speak in English... 🤷)

Creativity is the word that describes me: with my unique characteristics, it is impossible not to have entertainment! I value the quality and variety of features, being an all-in-one bot that will not be missing anything.

I have more than 20 different commands, from different categories, such as administration, utility, entertainment, collage of images - or games, / Atom and integration with Amino, reaction to events (such as when someone enters / exits, autorole and event log), and much more, always valuing the quality of the resource.

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