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Library: discord.js

Prefix: p! (p!prefix <> to set custom)

Advanced Music Bot with Dank Memer Bot utils, slapped on with detailed moderation tools and singapore transport utilities.

do p!help to see all commands! (outdated tbd)

  1. Moderation: Classic mod tools such as ban/kick/hackban(forceban)/unban/rename channel. Users with a bot admin role(currently being changed to a db type instead) will be able to bot blacklist users who abuse features of the bot

  2. Utilities: a fully functional AFK module, a whois command which grabs data of the user from altdenfier, disrep and chatguard's API. This bot also has access to the KSOFT API V1, which is only given out to users upon manual approval. Also comes with classic server/bot/invite/bugreport/help commands which comes pretty common with many other bots

  3. Dank Memer Utils: Tools for the dank memer bot: Auto heist unlock, raffle command(currently very buggy) and giveaway req (tbd also).

  4. Music Module: Powered by disTube, a fully functional (actually mostly) music module using Youtube-dl. Commands include play(over 700 sites supported), stop, volume, filter, queue, loop and of course skip

  5. Singapore Transport UTILS: Gets requests from LTA DATAMALL'S API about bus arrival times, public transport breakdowns and basically any data, all in this bot(unique as far as I know, nobody has done such a thing on a discord bot before)

  6. user join filter: When a user joins, bot will get data of user from dischat, KSOFT, altdenfier and chatguard. Server admins can then set auto actions for each type of user, such as very distrused, distrusted, trusted and very trusted, ksoft ban, disrep upvotes, downvotes and warns/bans, as well as chatguard. Options for actions include kick, ban, flag with a role, or nothing (75% done, implementing mongodb settings now).

  7. Dashboard (TBC). Currently all data the bot stores is located in mongodb, powered by mongoose, opening up an option of creating a Dashboard for users to set options more easily.

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