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A Simple Moderation Bot For, Fun, Games, Utility, Rank, Economy, Etc... Feel Free To Use This Bot!

Simple Moderation Bot, You can type -help when adding ViMod To your server, some simple commands like, -rank, -howgay, -bal(More Economy), If You wanna know about the commands, just invite the bot and enjoy! If you have any bugs join the support server or either DM me, aswell if you have any suggestions, please tell us, suggestions would help us alot, if you love this bot, please vote us then, Thanks! Command List : rank: shows your rank for your level.

-hunt: hunts a random animal for economy.

-rob: Robbing economy system

-work: a work command for economy.

-mission : a mission command for economy

-beg : a beg command for economy

-daily: a daily command for economy

-roulette : a roulette command for economy

-ban: Bans mentioned user with a reason.

-mute: Mutes the mentioned user for 10 Minutes.

-kick: kicks the mentioned user in the server with a reason.

-lock: locks the channel where the command is executed in

-unlock: unlocks the locked channel

-levels: shows Leaderboard for levels

-lb: shows Leaderboard for Economy balances

-balance: shows your economy balance

-simp: simp API for fun.

-hunt: for economy.

-search: a search economy command.

-warn: warns the mentioned user with a reason.

-checkwarns: shows the warnings of the mentioned user.

-invite: sends you a URL to invite the bot.

-support: sends you support server URL.

-members: shows the members that are currently in your server!

-history: Shows Moderation History For The Mentioned User.

-eject: Among us Command, Ejects The Sus Mentioned person.

Music Commands:

-setprefix: changes the prefix for current guild.

-play: a music command, plays music.

-pause: pauses the current music.

-resume: resumes the paused music.

-queue: Shows the queue of the playing music.

Rank up by sending messages! Type -help for more information etc... you can also type -command for more information about the ViMod Commands!

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