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A fun/moderation bot with tons of commands and we add new commands every day! We strive for a bug free bot and we value our users.

Andromeda is an amazing bot with tons of fun games to play! It's also perfect for moderating your server! The bot has kick, ban-unban, mute-unmute-tempmute and clear commands on the moderation side of the bot and on the fun side we have 8ball coin flip and much more! If you find any bugs please report them in the #bugs channel of the support server, Did you know, Andromeda can break down your server and build an amazing new server for you complete with informational channels, staff channels, community channels and more! We also have an economy system! You can rob other users, Work to get coins and buy things from the shop! If you're not satisifed with the bot please, Share your concerns with us either by joining the support server or the ?feedback command, If you do not want our bot in your server anymore you can use the ?clean command in the channels of your server and it wil delete all of the bots messages in that channel.

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