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Prefix: ym!

This is a bot for moderation, fun, economy, and more! Theres 150+ commands in this bot that you can use!, ym!commands for commands, ym!2commands, and ym!help for help

This bot will make your discord server be a lot good! It has 150+ commands about moderation, fun, economy, reaction roles, leveling, and more!

This bot is constantly getting updated! (if you have any idea, bug, or something like that, report it in my server, i would be very happy to fix it as soon as posible)

  • This bot is also good for giveaways!
  • prefix is ym! (and can be changed to whatever you want!)
  • (use the reset command to reset the prefix to ym!)

Hope you like my bot, i tried really hard to make this bot, i am still learning more about codes, so have patience! (this is my first bot)

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