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Library: discord.js
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Prefix: r!

The best Radio Bot for you & your servers which is online 24/7. 7 days a week!

RadioBot Help Commands:

Bot Prefix: r! or @mention the bot to see the prefix.

Bot Commands:

r!botinfo - This will display the bot information.

r!contact - Please use this if you need to get in contact with Connor200024.

r!changelogs - Check to see what we update or remove from the bot.

r!feedback - Send something nice back. r!feedback [Your Feedback]

r!links - This will display all the links for the bot.

r!ping - Check the bot's latency.

r!policy - Check our policy.

r!reportbug - Send a reportbug back to Connor200024. r!reportbug [Then the bug]

r!stats - Check the current statistics.

r!suggestion - Send a suggestion back to Connor200024. r!suggestion [Your Suggestion]

r!uptime - Check the current uptime

Radio Commands:

r!bbc1 - This will play BBC Radio 1.

r!bbc2 - This will play BBC Radio 2.

r!brfm - This will play BigRigFM.

r!harmony - This will play Harmony.

r!kfm - This will play KeyFM.

r!reachfm - This will play ReachRadio.

r!sfm - This will play Simulation.FM.

r!sh - This will play SimulatorHits.

r!sr - This will play SimulatorRadio.

r!stop - The bot will leave the voice channel.

r!tfm - This will play TruckersFM.

r!tsr - This will play TruckStopRadio.

r!volume - Change the current volume. r!volume [Between 0 and 100]

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