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Library: discord.js
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A feature-rich, easy to use amazing DISCORD MUSIC BOT!!

What's Euphony?

Euphony is an amazing music bot with an amazing pace with no glitches! Euphony has an amazing prefix and almost very easy to use. The bot is always online and is really reliable if you want to chill and relax to the beats of music!

Basic features of Euphony-

  • With the use of Lavaplayer, Euphony provides you with stability, this means you'll never experience lag in music!
  • You can even make your own custom prefix!
  • Euphony even has Basic Moderator commands to really punish the rule-breakers. You can also get the lyrics of your favorite songs!
  • Euphony is a good and easy to use music bot with the best commands and better presentation.

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user image 4 months ago


Amazing easy to use discord music bot! With the awesome interface, it's very easy to use.