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Library: discord.js
Tags: music
Created By: IGRohan#4691 user image

Prefix: !

A Simple yet Super High Quality Music Bot which sounds straight outta YouTube or Spotify!

IG Music Bot

IGMusic Bot is a high quality Music Bot which supports 24/7 aswell! Very Simple commands to make its usage as beginner friendly as possible!


  • !play [song name, video/playlist url] To Play Music
  • !queue To Show The Server's Song Queue
  • !skip To Skip To Next Song
  • !nowplaying/ !np To Get Info About the Currently Playing Song
  • !pause To Pause The Music
  • !resume To Resume Paused Music
  • !volume To Change The Volume Of The Song

Volume Algorithm

  • The Volume Algorithm in This Bot is quite confusing (the only confusing thing in the whole bot) .
  • Basically It divides whatever volume you give by 5. So If You do !volume 5 The Volume will be 1.
  • The Ideal Volume is 1, you may increase or decrease it, depends on yo

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