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multipurpose bot that allows to customize tickets! - has economy , fun & moderation commands 24/7 uptime , constant updates & with layouts!


These are permissions the bot needs to work in channel(s)
  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Attach Files
  • Add Reactions
  • Use External Emojis
  • Embed Links

If you have any issues with the bot, please don't hesitate to join Kokichis support server and create a ticket!


to get list of commands type , as commands explain themselves no information command is needed.

Starter Guide

to start its simple like standart economy but better layouted

  • Booster gets there own perks , soon voters too!
  • Shop items / prices will change every week!

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user image 2 months ago

! A V I X I T Y

cool :D