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@Brainstormer#6277 is bot that you need today and will help you down the line with its amazing anti-swearing features WOW!!!

Brainstormer bot is a stable and easy-to-use multi purpose bot for server management with activity based idle-games/moderation, virtual games, moderation commands, emotes with the commands & built in anti swearing system and much more! Commands Fun

Coinflip | >Number Picker | >mine | >8ball Utility help | >mute | >unmute | >kick | >warn | >ping | >reboot | >slowmode | >stats | >support | >botinfo | >serverinfo
Actions say | >vote | >maker | >invite | >discord

Support / Help Discord: Open 24/7 DMs: Open 24/7 Bot Online: 24/7

Cool Features Anti-Sewaring Built in (Administrator PERMS) Embed Messages Slowmode CMDS for discord channels

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This bot took me days to make for the people to enjoy hope you do :)