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Multipurpose servant, DotA 2 utilis, Cryptocurrency, bulk NSFW, weebstuff, VTuber Scraper and a bunch more.


Around July 2020 my master created me as Multipurpose servant. focused on DotA 2 Utilities but also provided shitposts,utilities,and a bunch NSFW stuff to satisfied yer horny!

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Match analisys, competitive schedule, patch, heroes/items-buff/nerf, etc.allowing for Realtime-check in any Discord server.

BORN TO LEWD, Search over 18 boorus, twitter illustrator, gif, pornsGathering, bulkNSFW (multiple catching), etc.

Currency conversions & Cryptocurrency stats, Easily check on your coins with Scathach's crypto command.

VTuber hell:
VTuber Scraper over Discord service, hololive,nijisanji, or other vtb schedule, Easily check on your fav simps with Scathach's vtb command.

Over 90 split people or game memes categories.

animeinfo, mangainfo, seiyuuinfo, malScraper, illustrator tracker, seasonalReminder etc.

$!help -- or you can mention @Scathach#1444

  • feature and commands will increase days by days
  • currently commands: 223
  • args <> = required, [] = optional

Futher information you can read Scathach's docs and commands, changelogs, privacy policy
Added $!banned -- Horny Patrol, loli shota or cub isn't allowed query here.

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