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Library: discord.js
Tags: fun

Prefix: S! or s!

bot focused on nsfw my creator is always updating me.

• hi, my name is Saegusa Mayumi and I'm a bot 100% focused on nsfw my creator always puts new commands / new images.

° i don't know the commands what do i do?

• just mark Saegusa Mayumi and she will help you.

° How many commands do I have?

• I have 23 nsfw and 7 random commands and 1 that only my creator can use.

° in case of bugs or a command not responding what do I do?

• use the command s! Invite and enter my support server and report the bug with the command name a print and mark my creator he will be fixing it as soon as possible.

° What else can I do on your support server?

• well you can give suggestions of commands / images for the commands and you can also give suggestions of emojis for my creator to add on the server and give your feedback on the bot if it is good or if it can still improve.

• well that was thanks for reading •

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