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Tavern Keeper

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Library: discord.js
Created By: zhon12345#8585 user image

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Tavern Keeper combines features of multiple bots into one feature packed Discord bot. Tavern Keeper boats many awesome features such as Image Manipulation, Moderation, Utilities and many more!


Tavern Keeper's aim is to combine features of multiple Discord bots and combine it into one feature packed Discord bot. Invite Tavern Keeper to get the full experience.

Currently we have over 100+ commands spread into 6 different categories. There is always more to come!

For support, questions, and comments, you can join the Discord server or contact me directly on discord at zhon12345#8585. You can also submit an issue for bugs and support.


Weather Command

  • Searches the current weather for anywhere in the world!


Trivia Command

  • Test your knowledge with a trivia question!


Roast Command

  • Roast any of your friends!


Clyde Command

  • Make clyde say anything you want!


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