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bot system,Welcome below some bot commands to get to know it more:

#🛠 ⦕۰𝓐𝓛𝔾۰⦖



Bot's Support Server :

Welcome below some bot commands to get to know it more: -Prefix Bot: (+) 1- Server protection: automatic 2-Add bot nitro G : +nitro 3-setp log : +setlog < name channel > 4- Text decorated: +z 5- Writing big: +tag 6- Cute pictures of cats and dogs: +cat & +dog 7-Speed connection bot: +ping 8- Leaderboards in invitations: +topinvite 9-Today's date: +date 10- Information on the bot: +bot 11-Write the name of the bot: +say (this command is only for administrators on the server) 12-Server image: +savitar 13-Information on your account: +user

  • Instructions for administrators only * Delete messages after: +clear <number.> Show you the members' (online, DND, Idle offline, all): + members Silence the member (cannot speak): "+mute, +unmute " Close the channel "+lock,+unlock" #Other commands you can select by typing +help The bot is available for free and can be added to your server

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