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Library: discord.js
Tags: fun

Prefix: m!

MemeBot the best reddit bot for you and your servers!

MemeBot Commands:

m!help - This will display the commands listed.

m!botinfo - This will display all the bot information.

m!dankmeme - This will get a random dankmeme.

m!links - All the links will display for the bot.

m!ping - Check the latency.

m!policy - Check MemeBot's Policy.

m!nsfwmeme - Please enable a NSFW channel to use this command.

m!meme - This will display a meme from reddit.

m!suggestion - Send a suggestion to the MemeBot Support Server.

m!stats - Check MemeBot's Statistics.

m!stonks - This will display a stonk meme.

m!reportbug - This will send a log to Connor200024.

m!uptime - Check to see how long the bot has been online for.

m!updates - Check what changes has been made.

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