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Noriko :: a fun and handy bot for any type of server!

Noriko is a handy bot for any type of commands you might need, including tons of fun commands you and your friends can play around with. The bot has a ton of unique image editing commands like no other!

Ever wanted to upload a specific emoji to your server? Well don’t worry, Noriko has a LOT of emoji commands that can fulfill your emoji needs! Wether it’s wanting to add the emoji to your server or just wanting to see what an emoji would look like if it was HUGE!

The bot has all kinds of commands ranging from moderation to economy commands, so you and your friends will never get bored!

Premium features are coming soon, but for now enjoy all of the free features that are alredy at your fingertips!

Don’t miss out on the fun and add Noriko to your servers today!

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